Unlearn Object-Oriented Programming

by Uberto Barbini

Languages English

After many years using OOP, the switch to Functional world is not an easy one. On his experience teaching Functional Programming to senior OOP developers, Uberto will show some of the key concepts that you need to "unlearn" to use effectively the functional paradigm. Uberto will also introduce a pragmatical approach to Functional Design, where pragmatical “concerned with actual occurrences” and not just monads for the sake of monads. We will look at a concrete example of how to switch from a OO design to a real Functional one. All the examples are in Kotlin.

Uberto Barbini
Director, Gama-Soft

Uberto is an expert on designing and building software products, currently working with finance institutions in London. He has more than two decades experience, in many industries in building great sw products. He is practicing TDD and Agile since 2001. He writes technical articles, regularly speaks at conference around Europe and organises courses. Last but not least he is a passionate polyglot programmer, he started as a kid with a ZxSpectrum he hopes to continue for many years to come.