Switch on my features!

by Beatriz Martínez

Software Architectures English
Software Architectures

With new paradigms in software development and the embracing of Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, the speed for the development of new features and the publishing of new software versions have considerably increased.

This talk will cover the approaches to test new features and software versions as often as we need, without impacting our users and allowing us to analyze the behavior to get the most out of our product. Which features are more likely to be successful? How do our users react to a new version? Which design is preferred?

We will also review different techniques for the deployment and distribution of functionalities and different ways of implementing them in a practical way.

Beatriz Martínez
Cloud engineer, IBM

Beatriz Martínez works at IBM’s Architecture and Innovation department, mainly focus on enterprise-grade cloud environments. Passionate about technology and innovation, she is an insatiable learner who loves getting involved with open-source communities.